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Company Profile

Profile of Ragland & Associates, LLC

Ragland & Associates, LLC, Certified Public Accountants, began its professional practice more than thirty-two years ago in Chicago, Illinois and is presently located in Mokena, Illinois. The firm was founded by Mr. Lawrence Ragland, its Member/Partner.

The firm is organized as a professional service corporation with clients who represent nearly every facet of the economic spectrum. The company is a full-service accounting firm that provides auditing, management consulting, accounting, income tax services, IRS representation, and financial services.

Ragland & Associates, LLC offers a well-balanced, experienced audit staff. Our audit staff is capable of providing the auditing services and technical assistance required under most circumstances. The auditing executives have more than 60 years of combined auditing experience which includes commercial, manufacturing, construction, municipalities, oil refineries, non-profit organizations and State and Federal agencies. More specifically, 75% of the firm's auditing fees are earned from auditing non-profit organizations and Federally-assisted programs. The other 25% is earned from auditing commercial enterprises.